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At our first farm we utilize a computer controlled hybrid hydroponic system in both indoor rooms as well as an 11,000 sq ft greenhouse with a blackout control system. It monitors and logs data such as temperature, humidity, pH, and PPM via sensors throughout the grow. The computer control system uses this data to automate our watering cycle, heating, cooling, humidity control, and nutrient dosing. This allows us to gather crucial data about the health and needs of our plants and fine tune virtually every variable of the growing process all with minimal labor.

We have also been approved for an outdoor expansion this year and will have 1,500 plants growing organically under the Colorado sun here in Pueblo using living soil to enhance the growth and terpene profiles of each cultivar.

A contrast from our first farm, the second farm is more traditional. We use living soil and ceramic metal halide lights to optimize growth and flower production as naturally as possible. Comprised of three cultivation rooms indoors and three acres of outdoor fields, we cycle our indoor rooms to not only feed our outdoor fields seasonally but also to produce indoor flower year round.  

Water quality is of the utmost importance when growing quality cannabis. Without knowing what is in the source water it is impossible to dose and balance it into a proper nutrient solution. Cannabis is also an accumulator plant, meaning that it holds onto most of what is put through its system. It is for both of these reasons that we scrub our well water at both farms of any heavy metals and contaminants present using an industrial reverse osmosis system that supplies over 10,000 gallons of pure RO water per day so we can grow the finest and safest cannabis possible for the wholesale market by giving the plants everything they need and nothing they do not.

Regardless of which farm the flower comes from, with over 6 acres of outdoor fields and 16,500 square feet of indoor grow area we are confident we can meet the demand for high quality flower all year long.